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TF6420 | TwinCAT 3 database server#


  • Database Configurator
    • New design of DocumentDB in SQL Query Editor
    • Added Find, Insert, Update, Aggregate and Drop/Delete for NoSQL
  • Database Server

    • New support of InfluxDB2
      • Connection token support
      • Support of Flux languageā€”also in SQL Query Editor
      • Support of all function blocks
        • For NoSQL function blocks use the Time Series Query Builder
        • Only stored procedure function blocks are not supported
    • Type system improvements for InfluxDB1.x support
    • Optimized multiple calls of RunOnce method on WinCE
  • Database Library

    • New option to turn off the clear memory of FB_PLCDBCmdEvt via property


  • Fixes failure to load TF6420 license with auto boot enabled on system startup. A Start/Restart was required to reload the license. Issue seemed to be for newer TF6420 versions running with TwinCAT v3.1.4022 or older.


  • TwinCAT/BSD support added
  • New Query Editor
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