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TwinCAT 3 HMI: TE2000#

Known bugs#

  • PLC properties can only be used explicitly in the HMI by linking the property individually to a control attribute. If the entire function block is linked to a control attribute, the property is not called. This is the case when a function block is used as the source data of the DataGrid or as a user control parameter.

Version 1.12.760.37#

  • Fixed a crash when loading symbols from a .tmc file
  • Add new controls:
    • TcHmiObjectBrowser - a Treeview for heterogenous data
    • TcHmiTabNavigation - a Tab navigation control
    • TcHmiTachometer - a Tachometer
    • TcHmiPopup - create popups from UserControls or Contents.
  • Add ReferenceLines and ReferenceLinesPosition properties for charts
  • New keyboard layout that pops automatically depending on the input field type. See the HMI Configuration Window.
  • Object browser to, for example, link a struct to present its contents. Can be used for both viewing and editing.
  • MDP/IPC diagnostics extension as a nuget-package.
  • PackML Control as a nuget-package.
  • TF2110 HMI OPC UA Client for TC/BSD
  • Allow maintenance mode to ignore license errors.
  • EcDiagnostics: configurable update intervals.
  • GetElementByIndex function for single data element of an array.
  • TcHmi Scope Extension: support of TcAnalytics file format.
  • Add TwinCAT build number to ADS diagnostics.
  • Autodetect for placing validation symbol in input elements.
  • Fill mode for lines for line and trend line charts.
  • BarChart: change the bar color when values are exceeded.
  • LineChart: add a one and two dimensional array support.

Version 1.12.758#

  • Add recipe management control to create and edit recipes.
  • New themed symbol type which responds to HMI theme changes
  • Improved TcHMI nuget package version management.
    • Old version numbering:
      • HMI Product version 1.12.756.1 (Major.Minor.Build.Patch)
      • nuget Package version 12.756.1 (Major.Minor.Patch)
    • New:
      • Server API Version (Server_API_Version.Minor.Patch)
    • Breaking changes increase Server_API_Version.
    • Meta package describe the dependencies.
  • EtherCAT diagnostics template for HMI project generator.
  • Add a scale factor for all HMI charts in the GraphDescription property.
  • Add stacked axis for bar charts.
  • Add support for x/y triggers in TcHmiScope.
  • EtherCAT diagnostics for Tc/BSD.
  • Add toggle for advanced settings of HMI server. Enable by right click the server in the HMI project.
  • Add pragma's to automatically map PLC symbols.
    { attribute 'TcHmiSymbol.AddSymbol' }
    { attribute 'TcHmiSymbol.AddSymbol.UserGroups' := 'test' }
    temperature : LREAL;

Version 1.12.756.1#

  • EtherCAT Diagnostics has now graphs for process data, similar to the online view in the IO tree in a TwinCAT project.
  • Scope control has new feature to download/upload recordings.
  • Added functions
    • Locale/GetLocalizedText: Returns a localized text by key.
  • Pin HMI project to a specific TcHMI version. Disables auto migration to new HMI version.
  • Alarms can be created directly from ADS, OPC UA or a custom server extension. Includes EventGrid & EventLine support, localized text and integrated in the HMI server.
  • Directly download or upload scope records to and from HMI server.
  • Set min and max values for ENUMs and to define a value range.
  • It is possible to ignore escape sequences. Option ignoreEscapeSequences in the properties of for example a text block. − On C:\TwinCAT\Functions − Off C:TwinCATFunctions
  • Added TcHmi.Functions.Beckhoff.GetLocalizedText() to get the localized text of a symbol.
  • The maximum estimated database size and record time is added to HMI server config page on the tab TcHmiSqliteHistorize tab.

Version 1.12.754.4#

  • EtherCAT Diagnostics can be used to write/force values
  • New 'File Explorer' control
    • Access the server's file system
    • Access virtual directories outside of the working directory
    • User management is integrated
    • Upload and download files
  • New service webpage to manage multiple server instances. Accessible through right click HMI server > Service configuration.
  • New TC2049 "Time Based Clients" license. For 30 minute single client access if maximum clients are reached or for maintenance.
  • Event logger now supports Comment, Description URL and Description Text of an event.
  • Symbol ClearLoggedEvents is added to delete database entries from HMI client.
  • Extension SDK license is now included in the engineering server. A license is no longer required during development & publishing.

Version 1.12.752.0#

  • New EtherCAT Diagnostics

Version 1.12.750.1#

  • Important optimizations
  • New TwinCAT HMI Project Generator template

Version 1.12.748.0#

  • Resolving of references, pointers and interface pointers. See InfoSys.

Version 1.12#

  • Black or whitelisting of symbols through the use of pragmas. See InfoSys.
  • Support for properties and method calls. See InfoSys. (Note: Properties have worked before in older version in a similar way. Not sure what has changed other than an icon difference.)
  • Multiple server instances on one system. See InfoSys.
  • Automatic closing of HMI server instances during installation.
  • TwinCAT HMI server registered as a service. It doesn't need to be started manually anymore.
  • Added NuGet package manager.

Version 1.10.1336.203#

Bug fix#

  • The HMI doesn't randomly write values into function block. Note: It is unclear if it was fixed in this version, or one between 1.10.1171.165 and 1.10.1336.203.

Version 1.10.1336.0#

  • The CreateBinding action is replaced by a CreateBinding function. See InfoSys: CreateBinding. (Unknown if this cause issues during upgrade.)

Version 1.10.1171.165#


Do not use this version. It contains a serious bug, where sometimes the HMI would randomly write default values into function blocks.

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